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Twenty three years in the making, Lynn Olagundoye has been waiting paitently for this moment.
The moment that defines her as one of the best new acts in Canada. Performing with the more than well known group Guerilla Funk Monster for close onto three years, they have come together to expose to the world the true artists residing within their souls.
To go into the history and the biography of Lynn would defeat the purpose of her myspace page and her official website, so I will spare you the details on that.
To say that Lynn isn't the self proclaimed Africa Violet would be a lie that could strike me dead.
There's something about the violet, something about the colour, something about the flower itself.
Beauty and intensity radiating through the soil of the land.
That is exactly what Lynn does, her beauty and the intensity of her voice radiates, taking you on a jazzified funkified fresh road trip.
Currently at the number two position on the CJSW charts in Calgary, Lynn's debut CD appropriately titled Africa Violet is storming through Western Canada, with tracks such as Get Down, Sunkissed and Too Bad you'd be crazy not to get infected!
Listen on people!

You can visit Lynn's My Space @
Or visit the official page @

You can bet i'll be at the next show scheduled for the 27th of May at Sodalounge.
If you can't make it to that she'll be performing in the Calgary International Jazzfest at Cafe Koi on the 13th of June.

Be there or miss out on the great talent that Calgary has to offer.
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Stumbling across excuse my french, "fucking great" hip hop artists seems to be something I do naturally.
It's been a while since I graced the dancefloors of The Hifi Club with my moves.
So in we go and on stage are the ever familiar DFI. For those of you that don't know....tsk tsk..DFI stands for Dragon Fli Empire.
So what's the deal with DFI........what isn't?
The Calgary based duo Teekay (Tarik Robinson) and Cosm (Adam Hicks) have been on the scene facing the ever present challenge of "bringing the soul back to hip hop" since 2002.

So what do you get when two guys come together to form a "side collaboration project?" Yeah that's right people. You get DFE. (You CANNOT forget the name!) The history of who they are can be told through the tracks they are famous for. Songs such as "Mount Pleasant" now a classic amongst the folks in Calgary, "D-E-F" and many more. Now, Tarik and Adam are a force to watch out for. They represent the indie hip hop scene to a tee, storming through Canada with their foot on the gas pedal, they have accomplished the status of what it means to be true Hip Hop artists, breaking down the barriers of the music industry as they have come this far without record deals, distribution or management. To define the term "hustlin in tha music biz" would equate to the men of DFE.
Like the true performers they are, Emcee Teekay and DJ Cosm do what they do shining through with the lyrics and the beats that they provide.
On this night not only did they take us back to the past, back to where it all began but they took us on their time machine and showed us the future with tracks such as "Headphones" and "Rock the Crowd" which can be found on the new album "Invasion." With Teekay soulfully rapping and DJ Cosm soulfully laying down the beats, DFM touch the individuals of HiFi as we bop our heads to the lyrics that Teekay spits and the beats that Cosmo drops from way up there in the sky. Free birds with free spirits, taking Hip Hop to another level......urging Calgary "to be free, free to be who we wanna be", after which they resonate with a higher power as they reside in our minds as the task that they have come to do has been accomplished; the task of preserving the soul in hip hop and the task of embedding positivity in the future of hip hop culture.

Question: Who Is OhmegaWatts?
Answer: Ohmega Watts is --------> The Find.

So now that you have read about him on his myspace page....let me say...Mr Watts is (no pun intended" electrifying. The beats, the beats, the beats.......... he is his beats.
It's that simple, and all I can say is.....if you have the chance to run into this cat somewhere anywhere....shoot I don't even have to say.
With my loss of speech I can still say.....there will be more to come.

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